About Us

Tall Trees Capital LLC provides business strategy, revenue growth, and merger & acquisitions consulting services to help companies improve execution and increase return on capital/equity. Its seasoned consultants have operating and private equity investment experience in the manufacturing, banking, transportation, wireless, software and consulting industries.

Having served in both public and private companies, our professionals have a unique understanding of the needs of Executive Management and Business Owners and creating successful results with investors and lenders. Our blend of business acumen, technical knowledge and grey-hair experience enables us to assist with strategy development, establishing partnerships and win/win situations. Leveraging our investment experience helps clients attract new capital with credible business plans, improve business processes, or package due diligence data. We also help investors identify qualified partners while setting realistic transaction expectations.

Results: As we inspire others to top performance even during difficult economic times, our recent successes include:

  • - Assisting a building products company grow revenue more than 40% and then packaging the company for a successful sale.
  • - Identifying investors for an exclusive social network.
  • - Analyzing the needs and facilitating the implementation of a wireless solution at more than 50 locations.
  • - Identifying bulk buyers of bank assets at competitive rates.
  • - Expert Bank Witness testimony serving banks, bank customers and the FDIC.
  • - Assisting a services company find interim financing alternatives to support their growth.
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