Tall Trees Capital LLC provides corporate strategy, revenue growth, and merger & acquisitions consulting services to help companies improve profitability, improve execution and increase return on capital/equity.

Operating Companies

  • Improve market positioning through Business Analysis (SWOT)
  • Increase gross margins through Operational and Process Improvements
  • Increase sales through better target marketing, product pricing & business development services
  • Prepare for fund-raising events – business plans, investor targeting, etc
  • Business Exit planning


  • Increase bank liquidity with access to investors and buyers willing to purchase Real Estate Owned (REO) assets at greater then fire-sale valuations
  • Reduce lenders’ risk by identifying assets that can be can be sold, repaired or repositioned
  • Valuations Analysis on certain asset classes
  • Identify new equity investors to maintain covenant compliance


  • Test key business assumptions and financial assumptions
  • Assess company’s strategy to align Business, Marketing, Sales and Product Strategies
  • Identify investor sources
  • Prepare materials to support a fund raising event
  • Investor Overview/Teaser
  • Investor Presentation
  • Business Plan or Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • Prepare Financial Statements
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